LC Quiz

Terimakasih buat LC-ers yang sudah belajar bareng @kampunginggrislc, semoga ilmu yang sudah didapatkan bisa menjadi ilmu yang bermanfaat yaa...

Jangan pelit guys, share juga materi yang kamu dapat ke temen-temen kamu.. Jangan pintar sendirian sob, pintar bareng temen lebih asyik lho!!

Sudah saatnya nih kita evalusi materi mingguan yang ada di feed Instagram LC.. Yuk langsung aja kerjakan kuis nya... Mimin yakin kalian bisa!!

Vegetables are an excellent source ….. vitamins.

What is the best translation of "turn over a new leaf"?

Which of the following options that has the best translation of "Jadwal Pelajaran"?

You are so weak. What is the slang for the word "weak"?

The city of Montreal ….. on an island in the Saint Lawrence River.

What does HBU stand for?

They have been to New Zealand, Australia and many …. countries.

He has two brothers. One is tall and handsome and ….. is short and unattractive.

I would like ….. coffee, please.

Anna is a careless person. What is the slang for the word "careless"?

What is the English translation of "Plat Nomor"?

I have learned my lessons and will never do that again! What is "I have learned my lessons" mean?

Ask me ….. question if you want. I know all the answers.

I … taken a bath

Microscopes make small things appear larger than …

I feel sorry for you because he left you for someone else. What is "feel sorry for" mean?

We … the best time on New Year's Eve

How to pronounce the word "flour"?

What is the abbreviation (singkatan) of the word "Husband"?

What is the abbreviation (singkatan) of the word "Vacation"?

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